Due Date

All nominations are due by June 7.

We look forward to celebrating Commencement with you on Sunday, October 24 2021! Our student speech is one of the highlights of the ceremony, and it is quite an honor to be chosen. We are now accepting nominations for our 2021 student speaker.

Nominate Yourself or Others

The criteria for a student speaker is someone who is willing to share a bit about their student experience at MUIH and is able to deliver their speech in a way that is moving and inspirational to others. 

Any member of the MUIH community can nominate graduating students; furthermore, students may self-nominate. If you nominate a student, we will contact them to determine their willingness to accept and submit a draft speech for review.


Nominations must be submitted by June 7. Shortly thereafter, nominees will be contacted and asked to submit the draft of their proposed speech.

Considerations for the Speech

The draft of the commencement speech should:

  • Come from the heart
  • Reflect on your student experience and key moments and memories while at MUIH
  • Align with or reference our guiding principles, philosophy, and/or values
  • Speak to the work you will take into the world as a result of your studies here
  • Include some reference to the impact of our community, your classmates, and/or your faculty/staff
  • Be prepared with the understanding that you are presenting to graduates from all MUIH programs, both on campus and online, and not just your program
  • Take approximately four minutes to deliver

Speaker Responsibilities 

The chosen speaker will be expected to work with MUIH student affairs to refine and finalize their speech and can receive some coaching to optimize their delivery. Feel free to contact us at with any questions about this process or the content of the speech. Whether you decide to submit a speech or nominate others, please know that the entire MUIH community is proud of your accomplishments and looks forward to honoring and celebrating you and your fellow graduates.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions about this process or the content of the speech.