Diplomas will be mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks after you successfully complete all graduation requirements.

  1. Ensure that you have completed the Diploma Application form to indicate how you would like your name to appear on your diploma and the address to which it will be mailed.

2. To access the Diploma Application, go to the Graduation Applications and Transcripts link in the Data Portal Data Portal. Scroll down to Step 2 and access the hyperlink for the Diploma Application.


  • Students can place an order for an official transcript here.
  • All financial obligations must be met before the request will be processed.
  • Your request can typically be delivered within 1 business day by selecting the electronic delivery method.
  • The fee is $5 per transcript plus an additional $2.50 National Student Clearinghouse processing fee. Additional fees apply for paper transcripts mailed via U.S. mail.
  • Updates on the status of your order will be e-mailed to you. You can also track the status of your order 
here. Your credit or debit card is not charged until the order has been processed. For questions please contact the Office of the Registrar  or (410) 888-9048 ext. 6620.
  • Current students can access their Unofficial Transcript at no cost on the Data Portal on the
My Graduation Applications page. Access to the Data Portal is terminated upon graduation. 

Degree Conferral

There is one degree conferral date per trimester. All diplomas issued in a specific trimester will show the trimester conferral date, and conferral dates are posted in the Academic Calendar. 

Transcripts will reflect the degree conferral date.